Anila Ayilliath

Anila Ayilliath was born in India and is a resident of Singapore. After working in the engineering field for more than a decade, she wanted to pursue her passion in arts. Moving from a technical world and choosing the artistic realm as her profession, was an enlightening experience for her. Focusing on concept based themes, she relishes the process of a thought that triggers an idea into conveying itself to the world through canvas and colours. She considers art as a paramount medium in reaching out to soothe the current chaotic situations in the world. Contrasting elements in her art concepts reflect her philosophical and spiritual views. They have the intention to make the viewers seek answers to the many questions in mind with a sense of enjoyment. Anila has done certification in Western Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, and also specialist certifications in landscapes and portraits. She has participated in various exhibitions in Singapore,India Malaysia,Dubai and Spain.

        Her paintings talk about the magnificent Universal Energy within us that connects us all together. She believes that when we realize, trust and listen to this inner guidance system of our infinite selves, it helps in living heaven here and now.  Her series ‘Universe Within’ depicts this infinite connection present in the universe and the infinite energy contained in finite forms. She also has a passion for creating mini artworks based on still life and landscapes, where everyday objects and elements of nature are used to   communicate with the viewer in discovering happiness and inspiration in life. Her nightscape series are a reminder of the magnificent view of the starry night sky with galaxies and constellations which humans currently miss due to light and air pollution. She feels that bringing back the starry nights to people’s lives will connect human minds with the infinite universe out there.  

She is also a freelance art instructor who believes learning any art form polishes a person’s mind and helps to become better human beings.